Reservation for Seal Engraving Workshop

Monk Dokuryu, who helped inspire the design of Kintai Bridge, is known as the founder of seal engraving in Japan. That’s why the seal engraving workshop is popular in Iwakuni.篆刻体験

Wouldn't you like to make a seal of your own in a luxurious space while looking at artwork? You can take the seal home after making it in the workshop. Don’t forget to bring your glasses if needed since engraving requires some precision work occasionally.

Basically, you will engrave one or two Tensho-style Chinese characters on a square stone. The price varies depending on the size of the stone (1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, 1x2 cm, etc.) and the number of characters.

Please let us know the Kanji (Chinese characters ) you would like to engrave . For example, your name, favorite ward etc. I will help you find kanji.

★Engraving Experience Workshop Courses★


★Engraving Experience Workshop Courses★


Basic Course

a. ¥2500 --- Engrave 1~2 characters on a 1.2 cm square stone

b. ¥3000 --- Engrave 1~2 characters on a 1.5 cm square stone


c. ¥3500 --- Engrave 1~2 characters on a 2 cm square stone

d. ¥4000 --- Engrave 3~4 characters on a 2 cm square stone

e. ¥4000 --- Engrave 1~2 characters on a 3 cm square stone

f. ¥4500 --- Engrave 3~4 characters on a 3 cm square stone

g. ¥3500 --- Engrave 2~3 characters on a 1x2 cm rectangular stone

For changes to the outline and shape, such as carving a square stone into a round shape, an additional charge of ¥500 will be added for preparation.

Each fee includes the admission fee to the museum. Student discounts:
¥300 for college students
¥500 for high school students or under


Please make a reservation at least one week in advance. Since the engraving workshop takes place in a museum, preparation is needed beforehand.

In case you don’t have a reservation, please allow some time for preparation.

(As of October 2019)

Feel free to contact us either by phone or by sending the reservation form by email.

Phone: 0827-28-5959 (Oishi)


    The instructor will pick several matching Chinese characters from the dictionary by the workshop day. And you can choose from them when you come in.
    Either your phone number or email address is required.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.